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The implementation of the Bologna-decrees and the introduction of the Bachelor-Master structure in Belgian universities in 2004 brought about quite a few changes to the Arts Faculty. The difference between studying Classical, Romance and Germanic languages was removed and as a new study programme was born, a new student union followed: Babylon!

If you are aspiring to obtain one of the following degrees, you can proudly call yourself Babylonian:
– Bachelor of Linguistics and Literature
– Bachelor of Linguistics and Literature: third language
– Master of Linguistics and Literature
– Master of Linguistics
– Master of Western Literature
– Master of Cultural Studies
– Master of Business Communication
– Master of Linguistics and Literature: English
– Master en langue et littérature françaises
– Master of Advanced Studies in Linguistics
– Master in the Literary Sciences
– Master en Estudios Ibéricos y Iberoamericanos

Students of preparatory programmes and shifting programmes for the aforementioned masters and non-degree students who follow certain courses related to Linguistics and/or Literature are also proud Babylonians!

Babylon, like any other student union has a head, the president (preses)

Sara Vermeylen
Preses 2004-2005

Inge van de Plas
Preses 2005-2006

Wannes Deleu
Preses 2006-2007

Lander Kennis
Preses 2007-2008

Raf Njotea
Preses 2008-2009

Jelle Mampaey
Preses 2009-2010

Laura Geerts
Preses 2010-2011

Niels Vanacker
Preses 2011-2012

Tine Van Calster
Preses 2012-2013

Kathleen Lewyllie
Preses 2013-2014

Michael Bauwens
Preses 2014-2015

Heleen Devlieger
Preses 2015-2016

Practical Information

Babylon Bookstore
There are times a professor will tell you to buy your materials for a class at the ‘Babylon cursusdienst’. This is a service provided by volunteers that tries to sell the books you will need at the lowest possible price. You can find it in the cellar of the Erasmushuis, the faculty building (21 Blijde Inkomststraat). Opening hours will be posted on Facebook (group: Cursusdienst Babylon), in the BaBBel (weekly newsletter which will be posted on the website, but only in Dutch) and on the bulletin board in the MSI.

Fakbar Letteren
A fakbar is a pub entirely for students. Ours is located at 11 Blijde Inkomststraat, recognizable by the banner. Despite the fact that we share the fakbar Letteren (Arts faculty bar) with the other student unions of the faculty (these are Alfa (archeology), EOOS (oriental studies), Historia (history), Mecenas (art history) and Musicologica (musicology)), there are still the typical moments when Babylon serves at the bar.

These moments are:
Monday afternoon/evening in turn
Every Wednesday evening
Every Friday afternoon

The Fak’s Opening hours:
Sunday evening: 21:00-?
Monday till Thursday: 13:00 – ?
Friday: 13:00 – 18:00
Saturday: closed

Here is some information about Babylon’s annual PARTY WEEK. Every year Babylon organizes a week of deathly decay and unearthly pleasure, a week with plenty of parties and gallons of beer! Within the set framework of an overruling theme, different activities are planned every day. Furthermore there are often some gastronomically outstanding snacks for sale during the week.

Our Shield

There is a tower on the left-hand side of the shield; this is a reference to the tower of Babel and the confusion of tongues. According to Genesis, this is the origin of the diversity of human languages and, of course, of the different options for language students. The blue background and the white inside the tower make up the colours of our alma mater, KU Leuven.

The yellow on the right-hand side of the shield is the colour of the Arts Faculty. The eight stars refer to the eight languages that are taught in our branch of study. The fountain pen and the quill on the banner refer to literature, in which, of course, we are deeply interested.

The monogram in the yellow circle in the middle consists of the letters G, R, and K, which symbolize the continuity with the past: the three student unions Germania, Romania and Klio, which, in 2004, formed Babylon.


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